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An Ambitious Waterfront Community In An Urbanizing City

Project Summary

Waterfront Shores master-plan community is a pre-construction development headed to the burgeoning city of Hamilton. The artificial land is located on the west end of Lake Ontario, at West Harbour,giving your potential investment condo a gorgeous waterfront view.

The city will soon be home to a new urban waterfront community that is expansive in nature, that it poses the ability to change the game for the increasingly popular city. The project proposes to house 1,500 residential units, 13,000 square metres of commercial and institutional space and over 1,400 parking spaces.

A community of this scope is a step towards major job growth and urbanization. This condo development is being designed with sustainability, innovation, design, social relevance and economics in mind — the project is intended to be a neighbourhood that will enrich families and encourage engagement and accessibility. Considerable effort will be put towards ensuring the grandiose project will marry Hamilton’s history with its modern future, making for a rustic but urban waterfront community.


This master-plan community will be comprised of a community building with live/work units, a flagship restaurant, cafe, fresh market hall, fitness & healthy eats centre, flagship bier hall and new artisan market. 40 percent of the site will remain open space, which was allocated with the intent of providing the community with a place to host annual and seasonal events.

There will be 197 condominium townhouse units. These units will have private outdoor space, and all residents will have access to amenity spaces encouraging community. After all, the concept behind the master-plan is largely creating a neighbourhood, familial feeling.

The condos will break down as follows; 27 studio/bachelors, 760 one-bedrooms, 411 two-bedrooms, 68 three-bedrooms and 6 live/work units to invest in.

The condominium project will be home to eight separate blocks, with four different architectural firms attached to their design. Assigning different architects to each blocks will make for a mixed-bag aesthetic that will provide a rustic but modern look.

Each row of townhomes will have their own unified design, setting each block apart from the other. The other structures, like the bar and podium, will also boast unique exteriors. The current plans place considerable emphasis on making every structure stand out, while also maintaining unity through all structures

Location and Neighbourhood

This urban project has been proposed with four core elements that, when put into effect, will ensure a well rounded community.

The first of these elements is the Waterfront Shores, which will ensure the development will stay true to the roots of city’s history as a major port town, by preparing for the impact of industrial noise to ensure the area provides growth instead of hindering it.

Laneways will be the second step in creating the ideal community, as they will make the comings and goings of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians seamless.

Ground floor animation is the next — and particularly important — aspect of this project. The current design is putting emphasis on revitalizing the ground plan to be the best possible place to build an energetic and dynamic neighbourhood. This will be achieved through laneways and sidewalks due to its intended design of being a largely walkable network that enables residents and Hamiltonians to coexist comfortably.

The final element of urban innovation integrated into this development will be the use of local materials.

The Developer

Cityzen and its sister company Dominus are a multi-faceted Real Estate Developer and Constructor respectively, currently operating in Canada. Cityzen is committed to being recognized as one of Canada’s outstanding Builders, dedicated to producing the highest quality products and services, while remaining mindful of the need for being sensitive to community and environmental concerns.

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